Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Week of Fun

Katie had a week full of fun and sun! Nana Kat came and helped Mom plant her pots so she had a fun time watching the planting go on on the front porch.  The pots turned out really pretty!

Katie also had her first barhopping experience with Nana Kat, Poppy Paul and Momma (Dad was on a golf outing).  She went to the Broker for dinner/happy hour where Nana Kat and Poppy Paul have been going on on Fridays for years! She had fun but, unfortunately, was a little fussy when the picture was taken. :)

Katie also had a fantastic week because she started sleeping through the night this week! She slept through the night for 8 days in a row which Momma was extremely happy about!!! Katie is now eating and sleeping beautifully and is a delightfully easy baby!

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