Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Final Hoorah with Nana Kat

Nana Kat was here again this week for Katie's final "Grandma" week. She had a blast, as usual! She did lots of activities with Nana Kat, including trying out her new Bumbo chair, which helps her to learn to sit up. She loves seeing the world from a new perspective!

Katie and Nana Kat also had fun playing in her "jump-a-roo." She is a little small for it right now, but Katie is a very strong and mature Little Lady for her age so she enjoys it already, as you can see.

Monday was Mom and Dad's 2nd anniversary, so it was very lucky that Nana Kat was here to babysit while they went out to dinner!

Katie also had lots of fun cleaning, cooking and playing with Nana Kat this week! She is a very aware little girl and she watches everything. She especially likes doing laundry and vacuuming.  She loves "moving and shaking" just about anywhere!

She is going to miss her Grandmas when she starts "school" next week, but she will never forget all of the great fun and bonding time she had with her Nana Kat and Grandma Marti!

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