Sunday, August 8, 2010

4 Months!

This week was a big week for Katie. On Monday, she started "school".  While Mom and Dad were very nervous about it, Katie was her usual easygoing self and she did wonderfully being away from family for the first time.  Here she is with Mom and Dad on the morning of her first day.

Here is Katie at "school" on her first day. She is in the bumbo chair.  :)

 Katie's teachers told us that she is the easiest, strongest and most independent baby they have. They were amazed at her ability to have endless "tummytime" and her crazy rolling abilities. We are extremely happy with her "school" because they already adore little Katie.  Mom and Dad can't be happier to have been blessed with such an easygoing little girl!

On Friday, Mom brought bagels to Katie's "school" to thank the teachers for taking such good care of Katie and in honor of her 4 month birthday.  The teachers were very thankful and made sure that she had a great day. Ironically, a portion of the day before Katie's birth (April 5th) happened to air on Channel 7 on Friday afternoon, almost exactly 4 months to the day that it was filmed.  Channel 7 had interviewed Mom and Dad (while Mom was in labor) at the hospital in their birthing room in order to do a feature on new technology that enables doctors to monitor pregnant women and their babies from their blackberry's while their patients are in labor.  Both Mom and Dad were shown on the TV talking about this technology, just hours before little Katie was born! It will be a funny clip for her to see one day when she is older.

We finished celebrating Katie's 4 month birthday by taking her to Chili's for the first time for dinner. Mom and Dad had a great dinner and Katie had a great nap! Katie, our darling, happy 4 month birthday. We can't wait to see how you continue to amaze us!

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