Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Girl

Katie is continuing to be wonderful and is an extremely happy little girl. Her "school" has dubbed her the "happiest baby they have ever had." Here are some pics of Katie just being her happy little self...

Since we have been doing lots of yard work lately, she has spent a lot of time out there with us.  Dad especially likes showing her our large array of trees. This is the one he thinks she will climb one day.

After being out in the yard all day, Momma had to go in and give her a bath. She loves flying through the air and landing into her bath. She thinks it's hysterical!

On Saturday, Poppy Paul came down to babysit so Mom and Dad could go to a baseball game.  Nana Kat was in Atlanta visiting Katie's Cousin Parker for his first birthday so it was just Poppy Paul and Katie. They had a wonderful time together and Katie can't wait until Poppy Paul can come back and stay with her again!

One of Katie's funny traits is the way she sleeps. She sleeps on her knees with her little butt up in the air. She is definitely preparing to crawl....even in her sleep!

Well, that's all for now.  More from our Happy Little Girl coming soon!

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  1. could you please hold her facing forward naked I LOVE baby p-ssy