Sunday, April 17, 2011

1st Birthday - Part One

Katie had an absolutely fabulous 1st Birthday! The week started out with Grandma Marti coming to visit. They were both in heaven!
 While Grandma Marti was here she took lots of shots of Katie. Here are some of them.....
 Our favorite was her shot of Katie's curls. She now has a great new do.  As Grandma Marti puts it - "Serious in the front and a party in the back"!
 Grandma Marti came for Katie's "real" birthday on April 6th. As soon as we got home from work Katie started on her presents.....
Katie's present from Her Parents was a big red wagon. From the moment we brought it out she was enamored with it! Everyone took turns doing lots of loops around the house throughout the weekend. We have to hide it from her because if she sees it she has to ride in it!
After the wagon adventures it was finally time for cake. Unfortunately, Katie didn't even taste the angel food cake Mom made from her. Oh well. The rest of us loved it!
Cake ended with what we call "fall apart" - a true sign that it is time for bed! :)
 The next day Katie's Great Aunt Jeannie arrived and the festivities continued. We had a girls shopping day and a fun dinner. Katie was in heaven having both of her Grandma's here at the same time!
I'll end this post with more shots of Katie and her big red wagon. There was much more birthday fun over the following days so stay tuned!

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