Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Fun

Winter is moving along quickly and Katie is growing up fast.  We can't believe our baby is almost two! A few weeks ago we went to the National Western Stock Show which comes here to Denver every Jan. We saw lots of cows and sheep and a real rodeo!
Last Thurs. through Sat. we had a huge winter storm come through that left about 18 inches of snow. Friday ended up being a semi "snow" day with Daycare closing so we took Katie on her first sledding trip. She went down some serious hills and wasn't scared a bit!
 Katie and the dogs had a great time playing in the snow all weekend.

 We've also been busy inside the house. Now that we know Katie will have a brother we are working on painting his room. It started out a deep purple as you can see! We have lots of work to do before he gets here!
These last shots are of Katie being her usual self. She is still accessorizing (with a strong preference towards shoes)!
She also likes to do hair....especially Dad's!
She is our busy little girl and we couldn't adore her more!

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