Tuesday, August 7, 2012

First Haircut and More

We finally felt it was time for Katie to get her haircut. We love her gorgeous curls but they needed a trim. Here she is at a kid's salon getting her first haircut!
Although you can't see much difference, Katie absolutely loved the experience and especially liked the fancy way they did her hair at the end - sparkles and all! 
She spent all weekend proudly telling us that she had got "her hair cut." Very cute! Here she is posing with her brother.
 Robby definitely always keeps his eye on his big sister...
As far as Robby news, he just made the 6 week milestone and is starting to get into the swing of being part of the world. He has taken a new liking to being swaddled again! 
He is also a very smiley guy. He smiles all the time!

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