Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Christmas 2012 turned out to be another fun and eventful holiday. We began by going down to Nana and Poppy's house on Christmas Eve and spending the evening with wonderful friends!
Afterwards we moved right into eating dinner. Robby enjoyed solids in his high chair and then moved on to watch everyone from the floor!
Katie's most favorite part of the meal was the annual dessert - reese roll. She watched it very carefully until a piece finally made it onto her plate!
It was a very yummy dinner!

Afterwards, Katie got in her PJ's and put out milk and cookies for Santa.
The next morning she and Robby were very excited to see the stockings!
Katie got right into the swing of opening presents and spent most of the time whisking away and piling up the contents - unless the gifts were hers of course. Then she started to play with them immediately!
 She really liked her Rapuzel hair!
And so did Dad....
Katie's gift to Robby was Mickey Mouse.  We think he liked it!
He definitely liked when Nana fed him his Christmas lunch!
Being a little nutty, Mom saved Katie's First Christmas sleeper and it turns out that despite being 2 and half months younger than Katie was, Robby fit in it perfectly for his First Christmas too! Here is Katie...
And Robby...
They sure do look like brother and sister!
What a wonderful Christmas!

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