Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chicago Wedding


Katie went to her first wedding and her second trip outside Colorado last weekend to Chicago to see her cousin once removed, Frank, get married to Chrissy.  This was a very special trip for her because she met more of her extended family including her Cousin Parker, Uncle Owen and Aunt Kristen. 


Cousin Parker was a very friendly guy who was happy to have someone else around that is closer to his own size. In another 6 to 12 months they are sure to be fast friends for sure. They already have alot in common, including sleeping the same way with their left arms above their heads when they were being strolled around Chicago. :)

Katie especially enjoyed playing with her Uncle Owen who played "airplane" with her.


  Dad played with her too and he did a good job juggling "social time" and "baby time" as you can see from this picture which shows him sporting both a beer AND a pacifier!!!

Katie also met more of her Great Aunts and Uncles, Second Cousins and Cousins once removed. In the past two weekends she has met tons of family from both Mom and Dad's side!

Frank and Chrissy's wedding was a grand affair in a gorgeous cathedral and swanky hotel in Downtown Chicago so Katie got all gussied up for the big event. She was dressed to the "t" from head to toe and she looked like a little princess!

On a final note, it was also Jeremy's first Father's Day.  Although most of it was spent traveling on the plane back home we did get to enjoy Sunday evening together as a family!

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