Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Trip to Michigan


 Last weekend was Katie's first trip to visit her friends and family in Michigan. She was an excellent traveler and slept soundly on the airplane and again on the long car ride to her Daddy's hometown of Lum.  She met TONS of people over the weekend including her Grandma Marti's co-workers, her Grandpa Joe, Aunt Danni, Aunt Spencer, Great Grandma Pat, Great Grandpa Bob and more Great Aunts and Uncles and Second Cousins than she could ever count!


Katie loved being spoiled by her Grandma Marti all weekend and she spent alot of time "talking" to her Grandma Marti and Grandpa Joe. She is very verbal and is doing an amazing job of communicating at her young age.

Katie had a wonderful time in Michigan and she had a great time meeting her extended family and her Daddy's friends and their children at her Aunt Spencer's graduation party. She will never have any doubt that she has lots and lots of friends and family in Michigan who love her very much!

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