Sunday, November 14, 2010

7 Month Scooter

Our Little Katie is officially on the move. She is able to scoot anywhere she wants by using, at the very minimum, her arms and tummy. They call her "The Inchworm" now at school because she literally "inchworms" all around the room!

 Katie has crawled on her knees for a few paces at a time but she always goes back to "the inchworm" so she's not quite aware enough that using her hands and knees is the way to go. She'll be there very soon though!

This weekend we celebrated both Dad and Nana Kat's birthday (they share Nov.12th).  Here is the Birthday Boy and Girl.

Since it's not as easy for all of us to go out to dinner together anymore, Nana Kat and Poppy Paul offered to babysit so Mom and Dad could go out to celebrate Dad's 31st birthday alone. It was very thoughtful of them to let Mom and Dad have a date night!

Katie had a wonderful time with Nana Kat and Poppy Paul. She showed them her "inchworm", bounced to classical music and she even got to try Nana Kat's yummy cauliflower soup! Here are some cute shots of her with her grandparents.

And one more pic with Katie and her "very old" Dad.  :)

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