Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Thanksgiving - Part One

Katie spent her first Thanksgiving in Michigan with tons of extended family and she had a ball! Grandma Marti could hardly wait to get her hands on her again and she swooped her off almost as soon as we stepped off the plane! 
Katie also spent lots of time with her Aunt Danni and Aunt Spencer. She had a blast becoming "one of the girls."
Although she was monopolized by her Grandma and Aunts, Grandpa Joe and Great Grandpa Bob managed to get their time with her too. :)
 Her Great Grandpa Bob played his guitar and sang to her. She loved it!
 We had a nice Thanksgiving spread. 
Katie enjoyed eating mashed potatoes for the first time. She doesn't like baby food but she does like grown-up food!
After dinner it was time for a nap. No one was able to get her down so her Great-Grandpa Bob took her and rocked and sang her to sleep. It is pretty special that she has a Great-Grandpa that is still so good with babies!
I'm wrapping up Part one with some of the many shots we got of Katie over the weekend. More to come in a few days with Part two!


  1. I love that one with Grandpa! How precious!!

  2. lets forget the binky just suck my c-ck