Sunday, January 2, 2011

Preparation for Katie's 1st Christmas

Sorry it has been so long since the last Katie update - there was a slight delay due to our computers being stolen. But we are happy to say that we are back up and running.
Katie had a ball helping to put up her First Christmas Tree. She thought it was pretty wild and she loved stroking the branches! She was very good about not pulling on it...
Katie loved helping Mom put up the ornaments!
After all the fuss, the tree turned out to be gorgeous! Here is Katie showing off her 1st Christmas Tree with her Dad and Mom...
Katie also had fun wrapping presents with Mom. She was right there every time anyone wrapped. She absolutely loved playing with the ribbon!
 We also want to be sure to note that during Mid December, Katie started standing up (supported). Here she is standing alone for the first time!
 After learning that she can stand up, Katie now pulls herself up on everything! We have to watch her carefully because she loves to climb!
Overall, Katie had a wonderful time preparing for her 1st Christmas. More to come in a few days!

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