Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 - Part Two

In addition to having a great time over Thanksgiving, it turns out Katie hit a few milestones while we were in Michigan. First, Katie started sitting up on her own the week before Thanksgiving. She had been practicing this in her bumbo chair for months so we knew she could do it!

In addition to sitting, Katie started officially crawling on the day after Thanksgiving. Now that she knows how to get around she is always on the move. In fact, she is even experimenting with getting off her knees and onto her feet.  She will be walking before we know it!

Another big move that happened over Thanksgiving was that Katie learned to clap. Grandma Marti did patty-cake with her a few times and before we knew it she was mimicking her and clapping all the time! She is still working on being able to "roll it," though. :)
 Now here are some final adorable shots of our quickly growing little girl's Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. Dad is missing his girls in CA. See you guys tommorrow : )