Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy Girl

Katie is a very busy girl these days! She prefers to be standing the majority of the time, preferably at a window. She will stand there forever and loves watching the dogs play outside. She can't wait until she can walk so she can go outside and play with them too!
She often "blocks" the dogs when they try to come in the doggie door. They're not sure what to do when she does that. She is fascinated with it but hasn't quite gotten the nerve to try to go through it yet!
 She has also become quite a little climber. She likes to climb the baby gate that keeps her from climbing the stairs! She is quite proud of herself when she does this as you can see.....
Another "task" Katie likes to do now is to empty things and make big messes! She saw me put the mail in the recycle bin and decided to sneak off and empty it while I wasn't looking!
 The final funny thing that we have to show you is how she's discovered to use her walker. She has turned it into a "crawler." She gets a good grip on it from underneath and pushes it all around. She's not walking yet, but she sure is smart!
Here are some final shots of Katie on her 1st Valentines Day. Mom got her and Dad an ice cream cake and they loved it!

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