Sunday, May 22, 2011

Big Girl Toddler

I have to apologize for this post being long overdue, but we have been very busy over the past few weeks!  It all started when Katie officially became a "big girl" and moved on from the infant room to the one-year old room at school. It was especially traumatizing for Katie because she was Ms. Kistee's "favorite" in the infant room. Here she is on her last day with Ms. Kistee.
Katie has also officially become a toddler in the past few weeks. While she was taking steps since her birthday, she's now officially walking, or I should say "toddling!" She started in typical fashion, with both arms raised up above her head!

Although the weather's been bad this spring, we've still made it to the park. Here are some shots.
Katie has also become quite observant and she definitely knows what things are for. Here she is trying to wear Daisy's leash. She loves to get it out of the drawer and put it around her neck!
 She also loves to put on Mom and Dad's shoes!
This weekend we finally had good weather so we had a huge planting fest with Nana Kat. Katie had a ball!

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