Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ozarks 2011

Memorial Day week was Katie's second annual trip to Lake of the Ozarks and there was absolutely no doubt that she had a blast!  We'll start with the fun Katie and Cousin Parker had at the water table. He really taught Katie how to get wet!
 We eventually realized that clothes were completely pointless!

Katie also enjoyed checking out the dock. She did not have any fear at all!
This trip was Katie's first time on the boat. She got all "geared" up and was ready to go!
But not long after getting on the boat she found it so relaxing that she fell fast asleep! In fact, every time Katie rode in this boat it put her to sleep!
In addition to the water, Katie also absolutely loved all of the attention from her family. 
She especially enjoyed having fun with Poppy Paul and Nana Kat!
We also need to say that one of the most important activities for Katie in the Ozarks was eating - she ate like a horse the entire trip!
Here she is with Dad experiencing Randy's Frozen Custard for the first time. Of course, she loved it just as much as the rest of the family does!
All of Katie's great eating has given her the perfect "beer belly." We all agreed that in a "beer belly" competition she could give most men a run for their money. Ha!
This year was also Katie's first time swimming in a real pool. She was tentative at first but Dad was able to warm her up!
Katie had an especially funny obsession while we were in the Ozarks - putting on her cousin's shoes! She would do anything to get his shoes on her feet!
Here are some more lake shots when we took the boat to Turtle Cove for a quick swim.
I'm going to end this post with some random shots that truly show how much fun we all had - and how Katie partied like a rock star!

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