Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Fun

The summer is flying by and Katie is thoroughly enjoying it! Here are some great shots that show how much fun she is having. We'll start with the Sailor Girl. We had to put her in the sailor costume from Grandma Marti on the 4th of July. It's adorable!
Katie's teachers at school say she is the happiest child in the class and that she laughs and giggles all day long.  She has lots of fun at home too!
  Katie currently has a real obsession for corn on the cob.  She loves gnawing on it (even though she still doesn't have many teeth)!
Katie is also obsessed with walking the dogs when the leashes come out.  She really thinks she's in charge!
We've had some families over to barbecue this summer as well.  Katie absolutely LOVES having friends to play with in her yard!
She also loves to help Mom and Dad around the house. Here she is helping Daddy do his thing...
Katie also loves to hang with Nana Kat and Poppy Paul of course!
Here are some final shots of Katie in her favorite place - the backyard!

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