Sunday, September 18, 2011

See Ya Summer

Well, summer has flown by and Katie has really "lived it up." She will be sad to say good-bye to bathing suits and sandals...
 But she is also very eager to put on her winter hats and gloves, which she's already featuring around the house on a regular basis!
In addition to continuing to accessorize, Katie spends most of her day being a "big girl." She is 17 months going on 17 years!!!
Katie was under the weather a couple of weeks ago and Dad stayed home with her. He introduced her to the wonderful world of cartoons. She was sold!
Daisy is wearing a neck ring due to a minor injury. Katie is giving her lots of extra TLC!
We'll end this post with some final shots of Katie. In most of these, she is "hamming" up the camera because she is especially proud of her pigtails and new pink converse shoes (compliments of Nana Kat)!

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