Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween 2011 was a momentous occasion for Katie. She had 2 fantastic costumes for 2 very fun events! She wore her mermaid costume from Grandma Marti to school and at the Halloween Carnival. Here she is getting all ready...
She loved the costume and spent a large amount of time looking at her tummy once it was on!
Here are some great shots of our "little mermaid."
At the carnival, Katie got to see all her friends. Here she is with her favorite teacher, Miss Carrie, making a caramel apple.
Katie saw her best friend, Emma, at the carnival and we were thrilled to finally get a shot of them together. How adorable!
Katie greeted all her teacher with BIG hugs. She loved taking her parents to her little world!
After all the fun at the Halloween Carnival on Friday, Katie was very ready to trick or treat for the first time on Monday. Here she is in her dragon/my little pony costume from Nana Kat.
 She spent the majority of Halloween night experiencing candy. Here she is carefully selecting one and digging in with her Father!
 She was as happy as can be after having her first reese's peanut butter cup!
 After all the candy eating, it was finally time to go trick-or-treating. Katie got all loaded up in her wagon and off we went around the block!
She was a bit uncertain at first but ended up having no problem taking the candy! By the end of the night, she was very full and very tired!
What a fun Halloween!

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