Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and More

We had a very fun Thanksgiving Weekend. We went to our friends' house for Thanksgiving Dinner and Katie had fun playing with the 3 little boys. So did Dad...
 Katie discovered Hudson's book collection so we ended the night with Dad reading to them. They were very cute together!
After all that eating, we spent alot of time relaxing over the next few days as well!
We also decided it was time to get Katie a little potty this weekend. She's been somewhat interested in the potty so we figured it wouldn't hurt to have it around so she could start to get familiar with it. Well, Katie took to the potty right away. As soon as it was out of the box, she sat right down and pretended to read the directions like a magazine. She felt just like Dad!
She asked to pull her pants down and sit on the potty multiple times this weekend but she has yet to deliver anything in the pot yet!
Since the weather was so great this weekend, we also spent a lot of time in the yard. Although these shots were from a few weeks ago, she had lots of fun with the leaves as she always does!
The final shot is of something Katie gets very proud of - her ponytail! Dad did her hair after her bath and she was very proud...

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