Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Weekend

 We spent Christmas weekend at Nana Kat's and Poppy Paul's house and Katie had a blast! She started out the weekend by playing in the 15 inches of snow that Boulder got a few days before Christmas.
On Christmas, Katie enjoyed the festivities. She especially liked passing out the presents and wearing the ribbons!
She had fun playing with the doll stroller from Nana Kat and Poppy Paul - except she wanted to ride in it herself!
Another favorite gift was the tutu and princess boot slippers from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Owen. She felt like a true princess in this get-up!
Another of Katie's favorite activities was standing at the sink and playing with the water. She spent tons of time doing this and managed to get quite wet!
She also did some piano-playing with Poppy!
Of course, Katie also spent a great deal of time standing on the step-stool and watching Nana Kat cook. Nana Kat also introduced her to her new favorite food - marshmallows!
What a fun weekend!

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