Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bye Bye Binky and Fun!

Around Katie's 2nd birthday, it was time to say bye to her binky. She had had it with her every moment for 2 years so we knew it was time. In order to prepare her for it, Nana Kat bought her an Elmo DVD on giving up your binky - called Bye Bye Binky! She was totally glued......
The DVD worked like a charm and it only took one weekend of crying for Katie to know that her binky had to stay in her crib for nighttime only. At school, the binky stopped coming completely and she was fine not having it for her naps. What a big girl!
This started her obsession with Elmo and it has not stopped since. Katie now watches Elmo while eating breakfast and before her bedtime routine. She is totally hooked! We have moved on to Elmo's Potty Time hoping that will help her through becoming completely potty trained!
In addition to Elmo, Katie is still very into books. She loves to look through Mom and Dad's books too!

Now that the weather is nice, we've also been enjoying being outside. Katie was especially happy with the jumpy castle we invested in for summertime fun,  play dates, birthday parties and barbecues.

On Saturday, we had a barbecue and she got to play in it with some friends. They had a ball!

They had so much fun that the playing continued well after dark!

Katie is one very happy little girl!

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