Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Girl Bed and Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a big one for Katie. It started off with us setting up her Big Girl bed!
The bed is extremely special because it was Mom's bed starting from when she was Katie's age. When Mom was 2, Nana and Poppy went antiquing in New Hampshire and bought the bed out of an old barn. It is very old (late 1800's) with lots of history - and not to mention beautiful!
Not only is the bed itself gorgeous - so is her brand new bedding! We went right to work getting it made up.
 And once it was done - it took no time for her to get comfortable!
 I should also add that the bedside table was also Mom's from the time she was a baby.  Poppy took a dresser from her room as a baby and cut it in half to make it a bedside table to fit the antique bed. It still has wrapping paper from Mom's baby gifts from 1978 as drawer liners!
A perfect final touch - the gorgeous lamp she got from Aunt Kristen and Uncle Owen for her birthday! Eddie also has definitely found his new favorite spot as you can see...
The last piece needed before actually sleeping in it were the bed rails. They arrived yesterday and Katie and Dad went right to work putting them up.
 Katie spent the night for the first time in her big bed last night. Dad couldn't help himself - he had to go in and take a picture of it!  We are so proud of her!
 Another fun memorial weekend activity was getting in her bathing suit and playing with the water table and sprinkler.
Since Mom is 8 months pregnant now, finding activities she can do with her Dad is very helpful. Dad decided it was time that Katie and him start taking bike rides. We got a bike seat and helmet for her so she can ride with Dad.
 She absolutely loves it! It's a great new way to get to a variety of parks (and ice cream)!
Of course, like with all accessories, Katie especially loves her new bike helmet. She loves it so much that she wore it around all weekend long!

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