Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Robby's Room

Well, after many long months of hard work, Robby's room is finally ready for him. Here is a shot to remind everyone of how his room started...very purple!
It now is much better suited for him!
 The highlight of the room are the monkey decals over the crib. Poppy and Dad worked very hard getting them just right!
 They look great!
 There's still more decorating to do but all in all the room looks fantastic! Dad did a great job! Katie wasted no time settling into his rocker.  She also likes to open his drawers and organize all his clothes!
We also did a cosmetic overhaul to the Jack and Jill bathroom that Katie and Robby will share. Here are some shots. The theme is safari...and it was a challenge to find one that was not gender specific and had both boy and girl options!  This is the shower curtain.
Here is Robby's side...
And Katie's side...
 The final touch are some wall decals. This is the rhino and we have an elephant that will be put up soon. Very cute!
Once again, Katie settled right in!
Katie has also been very amused by the baby stuff we've dug back out in preparation for Robby's arrival. Amazingly enough, she still fits in the infant car seat. And the funny thing is she is still within the weight limit for it! Ha!
There is just no denying that she is the most adorable little girl in the entire world!!!

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