Monday, November 26, 2012

Robby 5 Months and November

 We can hardly believe our Robby Boy is already 5 months old! He is still a smiley, giggly guy who loves to quietly observe everything that is going on.
 On Thanksgiving we decided to try to offer Robby solids for the first time. Just like his sister, he wasn't a huge fan. He wouldn't eat the oatmeal at all so we moved on to apples. He did open his mouth a couple of times to get some but immediately had a very sour face on once he got them...
 He seemed interested in food but we don't think he's quite ready yet! Since Robby got to be fed in the high chair, Katie had to give it a try as soon as he was done. Of course!
Another big event in the month of November was starting a new school. Here is Katie all ready to go.
Their new school is about 4 minutes away from our house which is really convenient!
Once inside, Katie had no problem adjusting. Both she and Robby settled in immediately. Robby's teachers told me that he is everyone's favorite and teachers from all the other classrooms come by to see him throughout the day. They LOVE both him and Katie which makes us very happy!
Before Thanksgiving we had a couple of Katie's friends from her old school over along with their parents to watch a Broncos game. We all had a great time!
The highlight of the day was when Katie, Ashlynn and Jackson played dress-up. They did this all on their own and we found them up in Katie's room all dressed up. Hysterical!
Jackson in the pink skirt and Broncos jersey was a hoot!
Over Thanksgiving weekend, Katie continued the theme by wearing high heels a large portion of the time. What a girly girl!
We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving filled with food, friends and football!
 I can't be more thankful for my wonderful husband and amazing children. I have everything I have ever wanted and couldn't ask for anything more!

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