Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2012 was tons of fun. Katie loved everything about it. Here she is - Our little Princess Belle!
Halloween events started with a carnival at their school. We got them all dressed up and ready to go!
Katie was happy to have her best friend Jackson there. They are too cute together!
 She had fun playing and having her whole family at school with her!
The next day was tumbling class in costume. She was with her best friend Jackson again (Thomas the Train). It was an absolute hoot as you can see!
In this pic Katie and Jackson are in a cube together. They were out of control and had a total ball as usual!
Finally, Halloween day came and it was time go trick or treating. Here we are getting prepped to go.
Robby fell asleep a few minutes after these pics were taken so Mom stayed home with him and answered the door. Katie and Dad headed out in the wagon to trick or treat!
Now that Katie understands what it's all about (being a princess and getting candy), she can't think of anything better! She came and visited Mom and our home last. She couldn't have had more fun!
She was very eager to come inside and eat her candy. She sat right down and went to work....
Although she consumed plenty of sugar we still managed to have her in bed by 9pm. When we asked what she wants to be next year, she said Princess Belle!  :)

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