Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Robby 8 Months

Our precious baby boy is already 8 months old!
 Robby has become such a big boy over the past month. A week before his 8 month birthday he starting being able to sit up with no support. He is such a strong boy now!
He has also become more and more into food. He really prefers solids over formula now. He is definitely an eater!
 He also really likes to touch and hold objects. He spends lots of time banging with spoons when he's in his high chair!
Katie's favorite time to eat is on Saturdays when she gets chicken nuggets and a milkshake!
Robby also really loves being outside. He is fascinated by the snow!
 Robby and Katie both had a fun time with Poppy when he came while Nana and Dad were out of town. Robby had fun being rolled up like a burrito!
Katie loved playing at the park with Poppy!
Katie also spends lots of time dancing these days....she loves to be a ballerina!
 How fortunate we are to have such amazing children!  :)

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