Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Robby 9 Months and Easter

 We can't believe our Robsy is already 9 months old!
Robby continues to be a smiley, happy little guy. His main loves are food and his Big Sister! Unlike his exceedingly clean Sister, he likes to get down and dirty when he eats!
Robby is getting a bit closer to crawling. Every once in awhile he will get up on his knees.
 But Mom is definitely in no rush for him to crawl as it makes life a little easier right now! He is definitely going to be a curious boy once he does start!
We also had a great time celebrating Easter last weekend.  Katie's most favorite part was dyeing eggs!  She dyed them over and over until it was finally bedtime!
On Easter morning she discovered treats that the Easter Bunny left including a basket and an egg hunt!  Needless to say, Katie ate every single piece of candy received before 10am. At least it was gone and out of the house!!!
 We got out some toys Robby got for Christmas but was too small for at the time. He was thrilled!
 Later in the day we drove to Boulder and had our traditional cocktail and egg hunt at the Taapken's house. Katie was thrilled to have a second round of candy. She is definitely a sugar-aholic!
She did eventually have to be cut off from the candy. Here she is going after a stray jelly bean hoping that no one will notice!
What a wonderful Easter!

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