Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall 2013

Katie and Robby have had lots of fun this fall. We started it out by having a Broncos party for all of Katie's classmates. We had a great turnout and everyone had a blast!
 One of the main events was the pinata that went up during half-time. It was most of the kids' first pinata experience and they all took turns whacking it!
 Needless to say, the kids spent the remainder of the party gorging themselves on candy!
The next big activity was the annual visit to the pumpkin patch. Both Katie and Robby really enjoyed it this year!
Now that Robby is no longer a baby and he can participate more in family activities, we all have a lot more fun!
 His Daddy even taught him to play pool by rolling the balls. He loves it!
 Robby and Katie have had fun playing outside together. Robby has finally mastered the slide all by himself!
We've also had lots of fun playing in the leaves!
Katie was a big helper during Robby's nap time. She helped pick up tons of leaves!
 Finally, we have to get to Katie's favorite fall event - Halloween!
Robby was also quite excited about the festivities. He was out the door and ready to go!
Outside, they loaded into the wagon and were ready to trick or treat! They had a blast!
 Robby didn't care about the candy, but he loved following his Sister to all the doors.
 He eventually just wanted to push the wagon!
What a fun night!


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