Friday, August 23, 2013

Ozarks 2013

The 2013 trip to Lake of the Ozarks was another memorable experience. The car ride on the way there took about 14 hours, but all in all, the kids did great!
 They enjoyed eating McDonald's....
 And hanging out in the back of the car when we stopped!
Once we finally arrived, we wasted no time taking a boat ride. It was Robby's first time on a boat and he seemed to find it entertaining!
He is destined to always be in pink since he gets his sister's hand-me-down life vests! 

 Another exciting activity that both Poppy and Katie had been waiting for all year was horseback riding.  Katie chose a little pony named Angel and was ready to go!
Since it was Katie's first time around horses we weren't sure if she would be scared, but she loved it!
Robby was too little to ride so he just rode on Dad's shoulders!
What a great time!
Afterwards, Katie still wanted to ride so Nana became the horse!
This brings us to another big activity that went on - alot of "horsing" around! :)
Although rough-housing isn't something that goes on alot at home, Katie seems to need it at the Lake.   I think the beanbags inspired her!
Robby liked spending his time at the water table. He can't swim yet, but he definitely loves water!
 When they were ready for some quiet time, Katie and Robby spent alot of time reading with Nana and Poppy.
Although the kids are still too young to spends tons of time in the water, they did make it in. Bob especially liked wading!
Dad definitely did his fair share of swimming. He spent alot of time with Poppy clearing the brush and doing "yard work." He worked himself into a good sweat and decided to jump off the bluff!
Poppy got this mid-air shot and it literally looks like he is walking on water!
They definitely enjoyed this time for male bonding and manual labor!
In addition to hard work, we did alot of eating and drinking. Katie requested pancakes almost every morning for breakfast and liked to help Nana make them!
And so did Robby!
 Katie was also quite excited about Poppy making her a you can see!
She was spoiled rotten when Nana and Poppy also took her to get Randy's frozen custard...a Herzegh family tradition!
Overall it was such a fun and relaxing vacation! We can hardly wait to go back next year!


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