Sunday, October 28, 2012

Robby 4 Months and Fall Fun

Robby's 4 month birthday was on Wednesday, Oct. 25th. We can't believe how fast our little guy is growing...although it feels like he's been around MUCH longer than 4 months!
 Although the first couple of months were somewhat rough, Robby is now one heck of a HAPPY baby! He smiles and laughs whenever anyone engages him!
 He especially loves when it's his Daddy!
 Robs is a pro at both tummy-time and bumbo-ing. He's a very strong boy - soon he'll be sitting on his own!
 Recently, his sister has become very into her dolls. She has them do everything that Rob does! Here they are laying with him in all his favorite spots!
 The past couple of weekends the family has been enjoying Fall activities. Last weekend we took the annual trek to the pumpkin patch with Nana, Poppy and the Taapken family.
 Katie is finally old enough to fully enjoy the experience. Her favorite was the hayride of course!
What a fun day!
Since we got our first snow last week and the leaves finally fell off the trees, we had ALOT of yard clean-up to do this weekend. We spent hours working on it but Katie and the dogs had a blast!
Stay tuned for our Halloween post coming soon!

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