Thursday, April 18, 2013

Katie Turns 3

 Katie's birthday weekend started of with a major bang -- She gave up her binkies!  The binky fairy came and took away all her binkies for good! Katie specifically requested that this be the way she said goodbye to her binks.
She was very specific in what she asked the Binky Fairy to leave: A Tinker Bell blanket! Tinker Bell was so generous that she left her a blanket, fairy dust and a Tinker Bell doll!
Katie was thrilled and although there were a couple of hard nights, she had forgotten all about binkies within a week. We are so proud of our Big Girl!
The fun continued with the arrival of Grandma from Michigan. She brought lots of gifts for Katie including a dance outfit and tutu! Katie danced all night long!
Robby was also very excited to see Grandma! He was a charmer like always!
 The morning of Katie's birthday she came downstairs to a pile of even more gifts.
Mom and Dad gave her exactly what she asked for - a pink bike. She got a balance bike to give her a step up from her tricycle and get her ready for a big-girl bike. She was a bit hesitant about it but she eventually became willing to give it a try!
She was especially taken with the Barbie Princess Castle from her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins in Atlanta.
Katie was very sweet and made sure Robby had a toy to play with too!
 After a morning full of gifts and soccer practice, it was finally time for her party! She had 10 friends join her for a Dora The Explorer Adventure at the gym where she takes tumbling. They had a ball!
Robby enjoyed sitting with Nana and Grandma and watching all the action.
Katie picked a Little Mermaid cake for her party.  It was a definite success!
 After her party, the family went back to our house and continued to celebrate.  After dinner there was another cake that Nana made - Angel food with chocolate whipped cream frosting. Katie's favorite!
 She opened another slew of gifts from her friends. She especially loved the bathing suit from Nana and Poppy!
 By the end of the night the entire room was trashed with toys and wrapping paper!
Robby enjoyed spending time with Poppy.
And Grandma!
  What a fun and eventful day!
But the birthday celebration didn't end there. The next day we took Katie to "Disney on Ice" for the first time. Since she is a huge fan of Disney AND ice skating, she was in heaven!
She was also in heaven experiencing cotton candy for the first time. 
Robby enjoyed the show for a bit but then was ready for a nap!
All in all, Katie had an amazing 3rd birthday packed with family, friends, food and fun! What a lucky little girl!
Stay tuned for more pics from Grandma's visit coming up in Robby's 10 month blog!

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