Monday, May 6, 2013

Robby 10 Months

 Our Robster is already 10 months old. We can't believe it!
 He is really enjoying growing up and getting to experience more. Although he is still not officially crawling, he scoots and squiggles to where he needs to go! And occasionally, he'll get up on his knees!
We did get out the music table so he could practice standing. He loves it!
When Grandma Marti was here, she made the discovery that Robby can sit and roll a ball back and forth. He LOVES to play ball. It is really amazing that he already understands this concept!
 Grandma also taught him "Patty-Cake" when she was here and he gets so excited. Anytime he hears the words to "Patty-Cake" he will start to clap his hands. Adorable!
Robby is still a hungry boy. He is always eating! We are able to give him more "real" food everyday. He loves being included in what the family is eating.
He loves to sit in the stroller and have puffs when we walk to the park!
 Nana Kat recently introduced him to swinging. Another thing he is wild about!
Like all of us, Robby is very excited about Spring and warmer weather. He and his sister love to be outdoors!
Robby is such a sweetheart and an absolute joy!

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