Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Robby 11 Months and May

Well, another month has flown by and Robby is nearing his 1st birthday!

In the meantime, he is absolutely LOVING becoming a big boy. He started to crawl during month 10 and now he is a fast little bugger.  One of his most favorite things to explore is water. The dogs' water dish was his first water discovery.

Outside, he loves the water table and the baby pool!

At Katie and Robby's school, Thursdays in summer are "water days." They get to explore and have fun in water. Even the babies participate in this event. Here are some pics of Robby's first water day! So adorable!
Finally, Robby loves to take a bath with his Sister. He lets her splash him as much as she wants. He just loves getting the attention from her!

Robby and Katie are really enjoying summer so far. We celebrated Memorial Day with great friends and everyone had a ball. There was jumpy castle fun...
Great food (including cupcakes which ended up all over their faces)...

Wagon rides...
 And naked water fight fun. What a blast!
What an amazing start to a great summer!

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