Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Robby's 1st Birthday

We can't believe our Little Guy is already one years old!
 Robby had a very exciting 1st Birthday.  He had special visitors come into town for the big event including Grandma Marti, Aunt Danni, her boyfriend Dave and Great Aunt Jeannie! How special!
 Robby's party was a huge success. It was a mad house full of food and fun! The table spread was almost identical to that of his Sister's 1st Birthday 2 years ago.
One difference from Katie's was the amount of kids running around at his party! Katie and her friends all joined in the festivities and they had a blast with the pool, water balloons, jumpy castle and more.
Robby joined in on the fun as much as he could! He loved it!

  Everyone enjoyed eating in addition to playing...
Also just like Katie, Robby did not have any interest in his birthday cake. Other than putting one finger in the frosting he showed no interest! That's ok. Delaying the sugar addiction is totally fine with us!
The rest of us loved the cupcakes!
Especially Daddy, of course!
After the party we opened presents and had family time. Robby really loved all his new stuff!
He was excited to get a ride-on toy like his Sister's from his cousins. Not shockingly, Katie wanted to try it out first.  At least she let him ride on hers! Thank goodness we now have 2 so they don't have to fight anymore! :)
 Robby's gift from Mom and Dad was a huge hit. He is absolutely obsessed with his motorized quad!
Within a few seconds of Dad showing him how to push the button to make it go, he was off! Like a true Wheels Man, Robby is driving before he walks! Here is a video of his skills.

 We are so proud of our Big Boy and all he has accomplished in his first year. He has made our family complete!
Stay tuned for Robby's Baptism pics coming soon!

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