Friday, July 19, 2013

Robby's Baptism

The day after Robby's 1st Birthday Party, he was baptized by Aunt Jeannie!
The timing and celebration was identical to Katie's baptism.  The big event took place at Nana and Poppy's house. We all gathered around the fish bond that backs up to the open space in their backyard. It was a beautiful backdrop!
After Aunt Jeannie did her magic, we took lots of family pictures!
After the picture frenzy, it was time to celebrate! Poppy went to work pouring the champagne and we all toasted our favorite little one-year old!
After that it was time to eat! Nana provided a yummy spread and Robby and Katie wasted no time digging right in!
It was so special to have family from all over the country with us to celebrate!
Including Nana's famous Angel Food cake for dessert!
Special thanks to our hosts, Nana and Poppy!
 What a memorable day we had continuing to celebrate the birth of our sweet Robby!

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